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The Animation degree specializes in preparing students for employment and/or transfer in the field of animation. Students will explore and become proficient in the basics of animation and computer-generated imagery. This program will teach students techniques in story development, character design, animation, motion control, lighting and sound for animation. The Animation degree requires a minimum of 64 credits in program requirements, program electives, electives and general education in the courses listed below.

For more information about Motion Picture/Television, please visit the program page.

Degree Requirements

Field of Study Code: MPTV.AAS.ANIMAT

Program Requirements
MPTV 1020Editing for Motion Pictures and Television3
MPTV 1311Introduction to Animation3
MPTV 1313History of Animation3
MPTV 1324Motion Graphics and Special Effects I3
MPTV 23313-D Animation I3
MPTV 2342Animation Portfolio3
ART 1101Drawing I3
ART 1102Drawing II3
ART 1151Two-Dimensional Foundations Studio3
ART 2201Life Drawing I3
ART 2266Digital Art I3
GRDSN 2210Cartooning3
GRDSN 2211Storyboarding/Sequential Art3
Program Electives
Select six credits from any 1000- or 2000-level Motion Picture/Television faculty adviser-approved 1, 26
Select three credits from any 1000- or 2000-level Motion Picture/Television or general education course 23
General Education
Select 16 to 19 credits 216-19
Total Credits64-67

Suggested course: MPTV 2333 Motion Graphics and Special Effects II


In addition to the course listed above.

General Education Requirements

For general education requirements for the A.A.S. degree, please visit the A.A.S. degree catalog page.

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
ART 1101 Drawing I 3
MPTV 1020 Editing for Motion Pictures and Television 3
MPTV 1311 Introduction to Animation 3
Gen EdPhysical and Life Sciences 3-5
Gen EdSocial and Behavioral Sciences 3
Second Semester
ART 1151 Two-Dimensional Foundations Studio 3
GRDSN 2210 Cartooning 3
MPTV 1313 History of Animation 3
MPTV 1324 Motion Graphics and Special Effects I 3
Gen EdMathematics 3-5
ElectiveMPTV Program Elective 3
Third Semester
ART 1102 Drawing II 3
ART 2266 Digital Art I 3
GRDSN 2211 Storyboarding/Sequential Art 3
MPTV 2331 3-D Animation I 3
Gen EdHumanities and Fine Arts 3
Fourth Semester
ART 2201 Life Drawing I 3
MPTV 2342 Animation Portfolio 3
Gen EdContemporary Life Skills or Global/Multicultural Studies 2
Gen EdCommunication (Written) 3
Gen EdCommunication (Oral) 3
ElectiveMPTV Program Elective 3
 Total Credits65-69