APTEC 1001
Survey of Technical Education
3 Credit Hours

Students will get an introduction to skills in Technical Education. The class will allow students to get a practical overview of the technical skills, careers, and technical education available at the College of DuPage. Welding, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR), Manufacturing, and Electronics/Electro-mechanical will be introduced. (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)

APTEC 1100
Project Hire Ed Seminar
1 Credit Hour

Students will be introduced to modern workforce skill sets. They will have an opportunity to interact with employers that are seeking candidates interested in these high-demand skills sets. This course may be repeated up to three times. (1 lecture hour)

APTEC 1820
Selected Topics
1-6 Credit Hours

Introductory exploration and analysis of selected topics with a specific theme indicated by course title listed in college class schedule. This course may be taken four times for credit as long as different topics are selected. (0 to 6 lecture hours, 0 to 12 lab hours)