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The Administrative Support and Meeting/Event Planning degree prepares the student for an administrative support position with a focus on meeting and event planning. 

For more information about Office Technology Information, please visit the program page.

Degree Requirements

Field of Study Code: OFTI.AAS.ADSUP

Program Requirements
OFTI 1100Keyboarding and Document Fundamentals3
OFTI 1130Business Correspondence3
OFTI 1200Microsoft 365 for Business Professionals 3
OFTI 1201Advanced Microsoft 365 3
OFTI 1203E-Mail and Electronic Communication3
OFTI 1210Word Processing I3
OFTI 1215Advanced Word Processing/ Desktop Publishing3
OFTI 1250Electronic Presentations for Business Professionals3
OFTI 2500Professional Office Capstone3
OFTI 2600Professional Development3
HOSP 2253Meeting and Event Management I3
HOSP 2254Meeting & Event Management II3
HOSP 2280Hospitality Marketing Management3
Program Electives8
Select five credits in the Hospitality and Tourism program 1
Select three credits in the Office Technology Program or Computer Information Science Program 1, 2, 3
General Education18-22
Select 18 to 22 credits 1
Total Credits65-69

In addition to the courses listed above.


Contact the OFTI Chair for current OFTI electives


If choosing CIS, CIS 1221 is highly recommended. 

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
OFTI 1100 Keyboarding and Document Fundamentals 3
OFTI 1130 Business Correspondence 3
OFTI 1200 Microsoft 365 for Business Professionals 3
OFTI 1210 Word Processing I 3
ENGLI 1101
English Composition I
or Workplace Writing
Second Semester
OFTI 1201 Advanced Microsoft 365 3
OFTI 1203 E-Mail and Electronic Communication 3
HOSP 2253 Meeting and Event Management I 3
OFTI 1215 Advanced Word Processing/ Desktop Publishing 1 3
MATH 1100 Business Mathematics 3
Third Semester
OFTI 1250 Electronic Presentations for Business Professionals 3
ElectiveProgram Elective 3
Gen EdSocial and Behavioral Sciences 3
Gen EdHumanities and Fine Arts 3
BIOLO 1100
Survey of Biology
or Physical Geology of Earth's Interior
SPEEC 1100
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
or Small-Group Communication
or Introduction to Business Communication
Fourth Semester
OFTI 2500 Professional Office Capstone 1 3
OFTI 2600 Professional Development 3
HOSP 2254 Meeting & Event Management II 1 3
HOSP 2280 Hospitality Marketing Management 3
ElectiveProgram Elective 3
ElectiveProgram Elective 2
 Total Credits66

Course has a prerequisite.

Program Milestones

First Semester

  • Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural, or interest-based Student Club.

Second Semester

  • If you have not done so yet this semester, it is important to make an appointment with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss your future academic progress.