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The Motion Picture/Television program specializes in preparing students for employment and/or transfer in the fields of film, video, television, animation and audio production. Graduates find jobs in industry, education and government; although a knowledge of motion picture or television production is also helpful for those seeking careers in advertising, public relations and other related fields. A hands-on approach to learning is emphasized. Several courses are transfer oriented. The Animation certificate requires 45 credits in the courses listed below.

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: MPTV.CER.ANIMA

Program Requirements
MPTV 1020Editing for Motion Pictures and Television3
MPTV 1311Introduction to Animation3
MPTV 1313History of Animation3
MPTV 1324Motion Graphics and Special Effects I3
MPTV 23313-D Animation I3
MPTV 2342Animation Portfolio3
ART 1101Drawing I3
ART 1102Drawing II3
ART 1151Two-Dimensional Foundations Studio3
ART 2201Life Drawing I3
ART 2266Digital Art I3
GRDSN 2210Cartooning3
GRDSN 2211Storyboarding/Sequential Art3
Program Electives
Select six credits from any 1000- or 2000-level Motion Picture/Television faculty adviser-approved courses 16
Total Credits45

In addition to the courses listed above.