The Accountancy program develops the technical and practical foundation for supervisory and administrative careers in accounting and accounting-related areas.

For more information about Accountancy, please visit the program page.

Degree Requirements

Field of Study Code: ACCOU.AAS.ACCOU

Program Requirements
ACCOU 2140Financial Accounting4
ACCOU 2150Managerial Accounting4
ACCOU 2160Introductory Data Analytics for Accounting3
ACCOU 2205Federal Taxation I3
ACCOU 2241Intermediate Accounting I4
ACCOU 2242Intermediate Accounting II4
ACCOU 2251Cost Accounting4
BUSIN 1100Introduction to Business3
CIS 1221Data Analysis with Spreadsheets3
ECONO 2201Macroeconomics and the Global Economy3
Program Electives
Select at least 14 credits from any 1000 or 2000 level Accountancy course not listed in program requirements, or from the courses listed below:14
Microeconomics and the Global Economy
Business Law I
General Education
Select 15-18 credits to meet general education requirements 115-18
Total Credits64-67

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
ENGLI 1101 English Composition I 3
ACCOU 2140 Financial Accounting 4
BUSIN 1100 Introduction to Business 3
Gen EdMathematics 3-5
ECONO 2201 Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 3
Second Semester
Gen EdPhysical and Life Sciences 3-5
ACCOU 2150 Managerial Accounting 4
OFTI 1200 MS Office for Professional Staff 3
CIS 1110
Introduction to Informatics
or Understand Computers/Information/Systems
ECONO 2202 Microeconomics and the Global Economy 3
Summer Semester
Program ElectiveSelect one that interests you 3
Third Semester
SPEEC 1100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
ACCOU 2241 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACCOU 2205 Federal Taxation I 3
Program ElectiveSelect one that interests you 3
PHILO 1114 Business Ethics 3
Fourth Semester
ACCOU 2242 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACCOU 2251 Cost Accounting 4
ACCOU 2206 Federal Taxation II 3
Program ElectiveSelect one that interests you 3
 Total Credits64-69

Program Milestones

First Semester

  • Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural, or interest-based Student Club.
  • ACCOU 2140 Financial Accounting will be completed.
  • Consider participating in the Accounting Club to gain insight on the profession.
  • Join the AICPA and the Illinois CPA Society as a student affiliate member (this is free), as this will provide you with great resources about the profession, scholarship, and networking opportunities.

Second Semester

  • If you have not done so yet this semester, it is important to make an appointment with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss your future academic progress.
  • Resume Preparation will be completed in ACCOU 2150 Managerial Accounting.
  • Consider attending college internship and job fairs to build networking skills.
  • Consider meeting with an Accounting faculty member to help with the selection of program electives that interest you.

Third Semester

  • Consider meeting with a faculty member and attending accounting presentations to learn about the CPA Exam.

Fourth Semester

  • While enrolled in ACCOU 2251 Cost Accounting, learn about the CMA Exam.
  • Spring Term the Accountancy Program offers ACCOU 2200 Income Tax Return Preparation which is an incredible opportunity to gain experience doing taxes in the IRS VITA Program.