COLLG 1105
Career Development
2 Credit Hours

Designed to assist students with integrating into the career development process. Emphasis on developing skills related to self-awareness, career path choices, career decision-making, and strategies for career action in an evolving work environment. (2 lecture hours)

COLLG 1110
Interpersonal Skills for Life and Work
2 Credit Hours

Emphasizes student's understanding of human relations, identifying and decreasing self-defeating behaviors and exploring options for interpersonal development. Through an experiential approach, students have an opportunity to develop more satisfying and effective interpersonal skills for enhancing personal and work relationships, self-esteem, and understanding of behavior differences among persons from diverse backgrounds. (2 lecture hours)

COLLG 1115
College Success Skills
2 Credit Hours

An introduction to the academic success skills necessary for meeting the challenge of a college education. Students will explore and apply strategies related to studying, note-taking, test-taking, time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and self-care. (2 lecture hours)