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The Kitchen and Bath Design Certificate is accredited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and prepares graduates with design and business skills necessary for industry professionals. This is an intensive career track certificate which includes a 2 credit hour internship of at least 160 work hours.

For more information about Interior Design, please visit the program page.

Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: INTER.CER.KBD

Program Requirements
INTER 1110Introduction to Interior Design3
INTER 1125Sustainable Design3
INTER 1135Visualization Techniques3
INTER 1150History of Interior Design3
INTER 1170Environmental Materials and Applications3
INTER 1190Interior Design Codes and Standards3
INTER 1212Computer-Aided Interior Design I3
INTER 2220Interior Systems and Details3
INTER 2311Lighting I3
INTER 2511Kitchen and Bath Design I3
INTER 2512Kitchen and Bath Design II3
INTER 2680Professional Practice and Ethics3
INTER 2710Portfolio Review2
INTER 2860Interior Design Kitchen/Bath Internship2
Program Electives
INTER 2212Computer-Aided Interior Design II3
or INTER 2515 Kitchen and Bath Computer Applications
Total Credits43