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The Travel and Tourism Professional certificate requires 36 credits in the courses listed below.

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: HOSP.CER.PROF

HOSP 1101Introduction to Travel & Tourism3
HOSP 1102Introduction to World Destinations3
HOSP 1103Principles of the Travel Industry3
HOSP 1104Principles of the Tourism Industry3
HOSP 1161Travel Geography & Culture-The Americas3
HOSP 1162Travel Geography and Culture - Europe And Africa3
HOSP 1163Travel Geography & Culture - Asia and Pacific3
HOSP 2210Global Distribution Systems3
HOSP 2229Revenue, Fares, & E-Ticketing for Travel3
HOSP 2236Cruise Industry Sales3
HOSP 2250Sustainable Tourism3
HOSP 2280Hospitality Marketing Management3
Total Credits36