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The Landscape and Turf Maintenance certificate requires 39 credits in the courses listed below.

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: HORT.CER.TURF

Program Requirements
HORT 1100Introduction to Horticulture3
HORT 1101Soils and Fertilizers3
HORT 1112Landscape Maintenance3
HORT 1113Landscape Construction3
HORT 1114Irrigation & Water Management3
HORT 2231Turf Science and Management3
HORT 2251Plant Pathology3
HORT 2261Entomology for Horticulture3
HORT 2863Internship (Career & Technical Ed)3
MATH 1104Mathematics for Horticulture3
Program Electives
Select six credits from the following:16
Applied Plant Taxonomy
2-Cycle Small Engine Repair/Maintenance
4-Cycle Small Engine Repair/Maintenance
Landscape Plants I
Landscape Plants II
Herbaceous Perennials
Select three credits from the following:13
Landscape Plants I
Landscape Plants II
Herbaceous Perennials
Total Credits39

Courses cannot be repeated.