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The Horticulture program meets the needs of students entering the horticulture industry as well as those presently employed who wish to continue their professional growth. Besides providing horticultural knowledge and skills, the program emphasizes the business and management proficiency necessary to compete successfully in the horticulture industry.

For more information about Horticulture, please visit the program page.

Degree Requirements

Field of Study Code: HORT.AAS

Program Requirements
HORT 1100Introduction to Horticulture3
HORT 1101Soils and Fertilizers3
HORT 1110Applied Plant Taxonomy3
HORT 1130Horticulture Business3
or BUSIN 1100 Introduction to Business
HORT 2221Plant Propagation3
HORT 2863Internship (Career & Technical Ed)3
Select one of the following:4-5
Environmental Biology
Principles of Biological Science
Survey of General Chemistry
MATH 1104Mathematics for Horticulture3
Program Electives
Select a minimum of 27 credits hours 127
General Education
Select 12 credits 212
Total Credits64-65

When selecting program electives, students may include up to eight credits in any combination from the additional courses listed below. No more than three credits of co-op can be applied as program elective credit toward this degree.


In addition to the courses listed under program requirements.

Program Electives

HORT 1105Floral Design I3
HORT 1109OSHA 10-Hour Landscape Safety1
HORT 1111Landscape Design I3
HORT 1112Landscape Maintenance3
HORT 1113Landscape Construction3
HORT 1114Irrigation & Water Management3
HORT 1115Floral Design II3
HORT 1116Spanish for Horticulture3
HORT 1120Landscape Lighting2
HORT 1121National Collegiate Landscape Competitions2
HORT 1125Water Use/Conservation in the Landscape1
HORT 1131Landscaping for Wildlife1
HORT 1135Introduction to Green Roofs1
HORT 1140Landscape Graphics2
HORT 1141Sustainable Landscape Design1
HORT 1142Landscaping for Pollinators1
HORT 1145Perennial Plant Communities I2
HORT 11512-Cycle Small Engine RepairMaintenance2
HORT 11524-Cycle Small Engine Repair/Maintenance3
HORT 1185Arboriculture3
HORT 1420Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Production4
HORT 1820Selected Topics3
HORT 1821Selected Topics3
HORT 1824Selected Topics2
HORT 1826Selected Topics1
HORT 1827Selected Topics1
HORT 2211Computer-Aided Drafting for Landscape3
HORT 2212Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting For Landscape2
HORT 22133D Landscape Design3
HORT 2214Advanced 3D Landscape Design2
HORT 2222Introduction to Plant Breeding3
HORT 2225Specialty Floral Design3
HORT 2226Advanced Specialty Floral Design1
HORT 2231Turf Science and Management3
HORT 2241Landscape Plants I3
HORT 2242Landscape Plants II3
HORT 2243Ornamental Grasses2
HORT 2244Herbaceous Perennials3
HORT 2245Perennial Plant Communities II1
HORT 2246Perennial Plant Communities Stewardship1
HORT 2251Plant Pathology3
HORT 2253Greenhouse Operations and Procedures3
HORT 2255Greenhouse Crop Production3
HORT 2256Interior Plant Identification & Design2
HORT 2257Bedding Plant Production3
HORT 2261Entomology for Horticulture3
HORT 2271Landscape Design II3
HORT 2301Principles of Agroecology3
HORT 2304Hydroponic and Aquaponic Production Systems3
HORT 2306Introduction to Beekeeping2
HORT 2308Introduction to Composting1
HORT 2311Cool Season Vegetable and Herb Production2
HORT 2312Warm Season Vegetable and Herb Production2

General Education Requirements

For general education requirements for the A.A.S. degree, please visit the A.A.S. degree catalog page.

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
ENGLI 1101
English Composition I
or Workplace Writing
HORT 1100 Introduction to Horticulture 3
HORT 1110 Applied Plant Taxonomy 3
HORT 1101 Soils and Fertilizers 3
BUSIN 1100
Introduction to Business
or Horticulture Business
Second Semester
Select one of the following: 3
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Small-Group Communication
Introduction to Business Communication
MATH 1104 Mathematics for Horticulture 3
ElectivesProgram Electives (choose courses to total 6 hours) 6
Select one of the following: 4-5
Environmental Biology
Principles of Biological Science
Survey of General Chemistry
Summer Semester
ElectivesProgram Electives (choose courses to total 6 hours) 6
Third Semester
Gen EdSocial and Behavioral Sciences 3
ElectivesProgram Electives (choose courses to total 9 hours) 9
Fourth Semester
Gen EdHumanities and Fine Arts (Recommend HORT/SPANI 1116) 3
ElectivesProgram Electives (choose courses to total 6 hours) 6
HORT 2221 Plant Propagation 3
HORT 2863 Internship (Career & Technical Ed) 3
 Total Credits64-65

Program Milestones

First Semester

  • Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural or interest-based Student Club.
  • Meet with horticulture program advisor
  • Join horticulture club
  • Participate in industry and community events
  • Begin Horticulture Portfolio

Second Semester

  • If you have not done so yet this semester, it is important to make an appointment with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss your future academic progress.

Third Semester

  • Start researching internship opportunities
  • Participate in department community service and industry events
  • Degree audit with program chair
  • Meet with program advisor for support
  • Develop/maintain portfolio

Fourth Semester

  • Apply for graduation
  • Participate in department community service and industry events
  • Degree audit with advisor