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The Internet of Things (IoT) Proficiency Certificate is designed for students who have already earned an associates or baccalaureate degree in a technical field and/or are employed in the technical industry. This certificate prepares students to design and develop applications using Internet connected single-board computers and sensor devices.

For more information about Computer and Information Science, please visit the program page.

Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: CIS.CER.IOT

CIS 1160Windows Command Shell3
CIS 1180Data Communication & Networking3
or CIT 1116 Network Essentials
CIS 1310HTML and CSS3
CIS 1400Programming Logic and Technique4
CIS 1410Introduction to Human Computer Interaction3
CIS 1450Intro to Linux/Unix Operating Systems3
CIS 2320JavaScript Programming4
CIS 2470Web Connected Devices3
CIS 2471Building Internet of Things (IoT) Devices3
CIS 2531Introduction to Python Programming4
CIT 1640Network Security Fundamentals3
Total Credits36