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The Legal Studies program provides a foundational, practical, and empowering understanding of the American legal system and prepares its graduates to perform substantive legal work under the supervision of an attorney. Students that complete this program are trained and qualified to seek employment as paralegals. Although paralegals cannot provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law, they are deeply involved in the daily, substantive work of attorneys. Paralegals assist attorneys in a variety of legal environments by performing tasks, including but not limited to, drafting legal documents, performing legal research, interviewing witnesses and clients, assisting in trial preparation, and creating, organizing, and maintaining legal files.  Students must be accepted into the program after completing the initial prerequisite courses. 

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: LGLST.CER.PLGL

Program Requirements
LGLST 1100Introduction to Law and Paralegal Studies3
LGLST 1150Drafting Legal Documents3
LGLST 1200Civil Litigation3
LGLST 1250Legal Ethics/Law Office Organization3
LGLST 1500Introduction to Legal Research and Writing3
LGLST 2100Advanced Legal Research and Writing3
LGLST 2425Law Office Technology3
LGLST 2500Personal Injury, Tort and Insurance Law3
LGLST 2600Paralegal Practicum3
OFTI 1200Microsoft 365 for Business Professionals 3
Program Electives
Select six credits from any 1000- and 2000-level Legal Studies courses 1, 2, 36
Total Credits36

Only three credit hours from practicum courses can be used to complete the program.


In addition to the courses listed above.


A list of Legal Studies courses can be found in the catalog.