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Students will learn professional level techniques in hair design, chemical processes, esthetics, and nail technology. Prepares students for state certification for the Illinois Cosmetology License from the Department of Professional and Financial Regulations. After completing all program requirements, students are eligible to take the licensure examination through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Students must be licensed in order to practice cosmetology in Illinois. The Cosmetology certificate requires 50 credits in the courses listed below.

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: COSME.CER

Program Requirements
COSME 1101Introduction to Cosmetology3
COSME 1103Chemical Services I3
COSME 1105Hair Styling I3
COSME 1107Thermal Styling I3
COSME 1111Hair Styling II3
COSME 1113Chemical Services II3
COSME 1115Salon Operations I2
COSME 1117Esthetics and Nail Technology I3
COSME 2201Hair Styling III3
COSME 2203Chemical Services III3
COSME 2205Esthetics and Nail Technology II3
COSME 2207Salon Safety and Sanitation2
COSME 2221Hair Styling IV3
COSME 2223Chemical Services IV3
COSME 2225Salon Operations II3
COSME 2227Thermal Styling II2
COSME 2250License Review3
Program Electives2
Select two credits from following courses.
Selected Topics
Wig Production I
Internship (Career & Technical Ed)
Total Credits50

Suggested Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
COSME 1101 Introduction to Cosmetology 3
COSME 1103 Chemical Services I 3
COSME 1105 Hair Styling I 3
COSME 1107 Thermal Styling I 3
Second Semester
COSME 1111 Hair Styling II 3
COSME 1113 Chemical Services II 3
COSME 1115 Salon Operations I 2
COSME 1117 Esthetics and Nail Technology I 3
Second Year
Third Semester
COSME 2201 Hair Styling III 3
COSME 2203 Chemical Services III 3
COSME 2205 Esthetics and Nail Technology II 3
COSME 2207 Salon Safety and Sanitation 2
Fourth Semester
COSME 2221 Hair Styling IV 3
COSME 2223 Chemical Services IV 3
COSME 2225 Salon Operations II 3
COSME 2227 Thermal Styling II 2
Third Year
Summer Semester
COSME 2250 License Review 3
Program Elective 1 3
 Total Credits51

The three program elective choices are COSME 2862 Internship (Career & Technical Ed), COSME 2260 Wig Production I, or COSME 1820 Selected Topics.

Program Milestones

First Semester

Consider joining with or visiting with a professional, cultural, or interest-based Student Club. If you have any questions about the certificate requirements, please contact a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss the details.