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The Manufacturing Technology program provides training in a wide variety of skill areas of product manufacturing and services. The four degree options in the program are Automated Manufacturing Systems, Drafting/Design, Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Automated Manufacturing is designed to prepare the student for careers in computer-aided manufacturing, robotics and numerical control. Drafting/Design prepares the student for careers in the drafting and computer-aided design areas. Manufacturing Technology provides the student with a broad background in the areas of machining, drafting and fluid systems so as to prepare them for entry level positions as machine operators, machine maintenance personnel and quality control personnel. The Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree prepares students for entry-level engineering technician positions in manufacturing. This certificate requires 31 credits in the courses listed below.

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Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: MANUF.CER.TOOL

MANUF 1127Engineering Materials of Industry3
MANUF 2200Production Technology4
MANUF 2261Basic Die Making I4
MANUF 2262Basic Die Making II4
MANUF 2272Advanced Die Making and Engineering I4
MANUF 2274Advanced Die Making and Engineering II4
MATH 1115Technical Mathematics I3
MATH 1116Technical Mathematics II5
Total Credits31