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The Urban Farming Certificate program offers a hands-on approach in the practice of raising food in urban and suburban areas. Urban Farming can be many things which can include a schoolyard, a vegetable garden teaching students' healthy habits, a vacant lot growing food for neighborhood families, a church garden feeding the hungry or an entrepreneur's acre supplying restaurants and farmers markets.

For more information about Horticulture, please visit the program page.

Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: HORT.CER.URFA

HORT 2304Hydroponic and Aquaponic Production Systems3
HORT 2308Introduction to Composting1
HORT 2311Cool Season Vegetable and Herb Production2
HORT 2312Warm Season Vegetable and Herb Production2
HORT 2860Internship (Career & Technical Ed)1-4
Total Credits9-12