African-american woman using sign language.

The American Sign Language certificate provides the language and cultural foundation for competency in American Sign Language as well as preparation for the certificate in American Sign Language Interpreting. Students who successfully complete this certificate may apply for selective enrollment in the American Sign Language Interpreting Certificate. This certificate requires 21 credits in the courses listed below.

For more information about American Sign Language Interpreting, please visit the program page.

Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: ASLI.CER.SIGN

SIGN 1101American Sign Language I3
SIGN 1102American Sign Language II3
SIGN 1103Fingerspelling and Numbers3
SIGN 1104Cultural Perspective of the Deaf Community3
SIGN 2101American Sign Language III3
SIGN 2102Linguistics and Grammatical Aspects of American Sign Language3
SIGN 2103American Sign Language IV3
Total Credits21