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The Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate program offers hands-on approach to becoming a professional in the field of urban farming and sustainable urban agriculture. Students receive practical, hands-on experience working in urban agriculture.

For more information about Horticulture, please visit the program page.

Certificate Requirements

Field of Study Code: HORT.CER.URBAN

Program Requirements
HORT 1100Introduction to Horticulture3
HORT 1101Soils and Fertilizers3
HORT 1109OSHA 10-Hour Landscape Safety1
HORT 1130Horticulture Business3
HORT 2300Introduction to Sustainable Urban Agriculture3
HORT 2301Principles of Agroecology3
HORT 2311Cool Season Vegetable and Herb Production2
HORT 2312Warm Season Vegetable and Herb Production2
HORT 2863Internship (Career & Technical Ed)3
Program Electives
Select five credits from the following:5
Water Use/Conservation in the Landscape
Introduction to Green Roofs
Sustainable Landscape Design
Landscaping for Pollinators
Urban Agriculture Issues
Hydroponic and Aquaponic Production Systems
Local Foods
Introduction to Beekeeping
Introduction to Composting
Fruit and Berry Production
Permaculture Design Certification
Mushroom Production
Total Credits28