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The Anesthesia Technology degree program prepares the student to be an integral member of the anesthesia patient care team. Emphasis is on fundamental and advanced clinical procedures to assist licensed anesthesia providers in the acquisition, preparation, and application of various types of equipment required for the delivery of anesthesia care.

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Degree Requirements

Field of Study Code: ANES.AAS

Program Requirements
SURGT 1000Ethical Considerations in the Health Care Industry3
ANES 1501Anesthesia Technology Principles I8
ANES 1502Anesthesia Technology Principles II11
ANES 1503Anesthesia Technology Principles III4
ANES 1510Anesthesia Technology Practicum I6
ANES 1520Anesthesia Technology Practicum II6
ANES 1530Anesthesia Technology Practicum III6
General Education
Any applicable to the AAS degree for the following categories:
Mathematics (May include Math 1102, 1104, or 1120)3-5
Physical/Life Science3-5
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Global/Multicultural Studies or Contemporary Life Skills2
Total Credits64-68

General Education Requirements

For general education requirements for the A.A.S. degree, please visit the A.A.S. degree catalog page.

Suggested Semester Sequence

SPC Template
Student Planning Curriculum
First SemesterCredits
ANES 1501 Anesthesia Technology Principles I 8
ANES 1510 Anesthesia Technology Practicum I 6
SURGT 1000 Ethical Considerations in the Health Care Industry 3
Second Semester
ANES 1502 Anesthesia Technology Principles II 11
ANES 1520 Anesthesia Technology Practicum II 6
Third Semester
ANES 1503 Anesthesia Technology Principles III 4
ANES 1530 Anesthesia Technology Practicum III 6
 Total Credits44

Program Milestones

First Semester

  • Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural, or interest-based Student Club.

Second Semester

  • If you have not yet done so this semester, it is important to make an appointment with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss your future academic progress.

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